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Water Main Repair Services in North Vancouver

At P Murray Contractors Ltd., we're all about drains! Our plumbing team in North Vancouver provide drain cleaning, pipe snaking, drain repairs, and drain replacements for residential and commercial customers. We understand how important functional drainage is for the health and safety of everyone inside your home or business. 

When there is damage to the water main, there is a risk of water leakage, which can eventually lead to flooding. This can possibly bring many of your works to a halt if you do not get the necessary help.

Get our professional help with your indoor plumbing and water main issues in North Vancouver immediately to prevent further damage in your residential or commercial property. Save all your valuable materials from soaking in water by getting timely water main repair service in North Vancouver. 

Our experienced plumbers will detect the leak and provide proper water main repair service. Rely on us for all kinds of plumbing services and be worry-free when it comes to piping or water supply issues.

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Indoor Plumbing Services in North Vancouver

Our team can make sure your indoor plumbing system, including your drains, is performing exactly as it should be! Please call us for the following services:

Leak Detection and Leaky Pipe Repairs
Fixture Removal and Replacement
Hot Water Tank Replacement
Water Main Repairs
Drain Cleaning
Re-piping and Rough-ins
Repair and Replacement of Gas Lines
Installation of Dishwashers, Garburators, and Fridge Water Supply

Experience Plumbing Company

P Murray Contractors Ltd. is the leading contactor of drainage repair and services in the North Vancouver area for more than 20 years. We are also known to provide outdoor plumbing services for properties. We also offer a special service by providing video inspection service using modern camera technology. 


Contact us for fast and efficient assistance with any drain-related indoor plumbing problem.

Quick and Professional Service

Get professional water main repair services in North Vancouver and save all your valuables from flooding when there is a pipe leakage.


Give us a call at 604-618-8787 or send us an email at

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I Would Give His Team 6 Stars If I Could!

I would give Paul and his team 6 stars if I could. They fixed my perimeter drainage system after my basement flooded. They gave me a very reasonable quote to fix the problem. My drainage problem turned out to be extremely complicated and hard to diagnose. Paul and his team were incredibly thorough and methodical in studying what was wrong and trying different things to fix it. After it was fixed and I had paid the bill - no unexpected fees, exactly as quoted despite the extra work - Paul was concerned they had not fully understood part of the problem so he came back and did more work to be certain it was fixed well. No additional cost to me. His team was among the nicest contractors I have ever worked with - super professional 100% of the time, friendly, very hard-working, happy to explain what they were working on, did exactly what they said when they said they would do it with zero pressure from me. They managed to dig up half my drainage system with an excavator without crushing any of my garden or leaving any mess. The day after they finished, the yard was so perfectly put back together that nobody who saw my yard could believe all that work was done (I saw the excavation so I can confirm it was done :)). I just cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Susan Pinkus


Prevent Your Drains From Clogging

Want to know some tips on how you can prevent your drains from clogging?

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