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Trustworthy Perimeter Drainage in North Vancouver

Perimeter drainage systems help keep your basements dry and prevent water damage. At P. Murray Contractors, you can count on us for high-quality perimeter drainage services in North Vancouver. We have been helping our customers with all their plumbing needs since 1991.


At P. Murray Contractors, we have a team of experienced plumbing professionals. We are a family-run business and understand that perimeter drainage systems play a vital role during wet weather. In addition, we offer drain cleaning, replacement, and repair services.

We also perform video camera inspections on your perimeter drainage systems to determine the underlying issues accurately and provide an effective solution. Whether you need drain tile repair or replacement, P. Murray Contractors can assist you.


Contact us for a free quote. We would be happy to help you!

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How Does Perimeter Drainage Works?

In general terms, perimeter drainage catches and directs the water away from your residential property’s foundation. Perimeter drainage is a water management system that helps prevent water seepage in your basements. It is also known as weeping tile; however, perimeter drainage systems no longer use tiles.

Perimeter drainage systems are generally installed underground around your residential property. The installed drainage pipes have small holes for the water flow. These holes are covered with gravel, allowing dirt or debris-free water to flow.

In addition, it prevents your drain from clogging. Your perimeter drainage systems in North Vancouver include a foundation membrane, perforated drainage pipe, and gravel. Get in touch with us for more information.

Signs You Have Perimeter Drainage Issues

There is no doubt that dirt, debris, and other waste materials can cause blockage to your drainage systems over time. When not catered to in time, perimeter drainage issues in North Vancouver can damage your residential property.


Some of the common signs that your perimeter drainage has issues:

When your weeping tile is damaged, particularly during the rainy season.
When you experience water pooling or puddles around your property.
You have a wet basement with a foul smell due to water seepage.
When you notice water-stained walls on your property.
When your home is flooding, causing water damage.

Our professionals can assist you with suitable drainage diagnoses, meeting your diverse yet specific requirements in North Vancouver. At P. Murray Contractors, we are committed to offering complete customer satisfaction as you are our priority. Feel free to call us for all your perimeter drainage needs.

Professional Perimeter Drainage Services in North Vancouver

We can troubleshoot all your plumbing problems and offer effective solutions.

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